back to work

I am actually beginning my phased return in January but I will conduct a small informal service later this week  as a trial run. In this I hope to express my most heartfelt dreams for my renewed ministry.

These have prayer and particularly Eucharistic prayer at the very centre.

In trying to decide what I will say  after more than a year of enforced silence I have been beset by the preacher’s abiding temptation to try to say EVERYTHING. This has only got worse as I have reflected on  my chosen text, the first ten verses of Mark.

Anyway here are my main thoughts

  • I am personally very grateful to God and to other people, I do not think it matters if  a person who has my gratitude has no feeling of God’s presence
  • Christians shouldn’t act as though we have better access to virtue than others
  • what the Church does is Really Important
  • this Importance doesn’t depend on impact
  • traditions matter
  • traditions don’t help us
  • we are called to be like Christ

There will be more but Nick got too

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  1. Love from Kev. Good to have you back!

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